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Janiyah Shelton

Janiyah Photography

Janiyah is a 25-year-old photographer from Stone Mountain, GA and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Playing instruments and always in arts the majority of her life, Janiyah knew something in the art field would be the career she will enjoy for the rest of her life. Janiyah photography started her senior year in high school and has not stopped ever since. Janiyah recently received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies at Bennett College to pursue a career in multimedia and photography. 

New York City, Nigeria, South Africa, to name a few, are cities/countries she has spent the time to capture its amazing view.


Janiyah specializes in portrait photography. Her future aspirations is becoming a full-time freelance photographer and run her own studio while traveling all over the world! She hopes you enjoy her pictures as much as she enjoyed taking them.


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